Welcome to the Naruto Generation WikiEdit

Naruto Generation is a game which is being created on Roblox by Molly3556, wuanfruit, savageshaniqua, and ZavisMavis. If you want to help us create this game, please message wuanfruit.

This wiki will help people know what abilities do, certain quests, and be a hub to post forum questions on how to do certain quests if you are stuck.

We Need Suggestions!Edit

Please suggest ideas for our game! We put a lot of time into thinking out our game, and all of us have been playing Roblox for 8+ years. We have played so many Naruto games, Bleach games, and other anime games. There are things we find annoying, like spins to get an element, and things we love like transformations and certain animations. We want to know what you have to suggest, and we're ready to listen. It's hard to actually talk via skype/discord with lots of Roblox developers, but we would love to interact with fans.

Latest activityEdit

Check this box for screenshot updates on our progress!


we are planning to do 3D clothing, but this is a start

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